Consultation Service

Legal Profession such as defence lawyers

Provide assistance to the legal profession on behalf of their clients by:

  • Evaluating forensic and other evidence.
  • Scene re-examination and interpretation.
  • Evaluate and comment on suspect and witness accounts/testimonies.
  • Assist with witness interview, challenge strategies and case conferences.
  • Review of ongoing forensic casework.
  • Review of cold case forensic casework.

Insurance companies

  • Provide assistance to insurance companies wishing to establish liability and in civil litigation and personal injury cases covering a wide range such as road traffic incidents and collisions, personal injury, public and employer liability.
  • Forensic examination and interpretation of a scene or crime scene.
  • Evaluate and comment on claimant, witness and other accounts.
  • Evaluate claims for compensations relating to breakings and thefts from houses, factories or any other structure.
  • Assessment of all documentary and photographic evidence.
  • Recover data from vehicle electronic and associated systems that may support or refute claimant account.
  • Assist with witness interview, challenge strategies and case conferences.
  • Assist in the location of stolen vehicles and other property.
  • Establish who was present in vehicle at time of accident/collision
  • Provide timely assistance at scene of collision/accident recording photographic evidence and obtaining account from persons present.
  • Provide assistance in car accident and vehicle repair claims, in car accident personal injury claims, in general personal injury claims, in health and medical claims disability and restricted ability claims.

Insurance claim fraud is an ever increasing problem faced by insurance companies with the number of people submitting fraudulent insurance claims on the rise. Fraudulent insurance claims are costing insurance companies a vast amount of money every year (in excess of €180 million for 2011).

In most instances, even though to a certain extent it is clear that a fraudulent insurance claim has been made, many are difficult to assess therefore further evidence is needed before the insurance company is able to pay or refute.

To prove that a fraudulent claim has been made, hard evidence of deception must be available.

This is where FIC LTD Investigators will find and provide hard evidence and will also be available as witnesses if required.

By undertaking a discreet but thorough Insurance Claim Investigation, often involving a mixture of intelligence and surveillance work, evidence of the claimant’s true situation can be discovered.

In the event that the application is fraudulent or dishonest, then with sufficient evidence of the facts including a witness statement by FIC LTD Private Investigators, a false payout can be prevented and the claim addressed in the appropriate manner.

FIC LTD Private Investigators specialize in Insurance Claim Investigations. With our trained personnel we are able to offer a targeted and discreet approach by completing an in-depth insurance claim investigation, whilst maintaining correct procedures.

Our Investigations target the actual claim including the claimant’s statement.

By taking this direct approach, we can tailor the results of the investigation exactly to your requirements without wasting unnecessarily valuable time and funds.

This approach will also ensure that all the relevant areas have been addressed and that the results of the investigation will be accurate.

If your requirements are discreet investigations, then a consultation with one of our investigators to discuss options would be the first step to a mutually beneficial investigation terminating in supplying you with the evidence to validate or disprove the claim.